We offer complete and cost effective electrical rewiring of your property, whether domestic or commercial.

Our experienced team of qualified electricians in Edmonton can carry out this electrical rewiring so that your home or business meets today’s regulations and safety standards, ensuring a modern and lasting wiring system whilst minimising disruption at your home or workplace.
Safe & Qualified Electricians

At SO Electrics our team of highly trained Edmonton electricians can carry out an electrical rewire to the highest of standards in safety and quality.

We are fully NICEIC approved Domestic installers and electricians, this means we have gone through a rigorous assessment process in order to prove we have the necessary work standards, equipment and supervisory staff to deliver a service that is both safe and of the highest quality.

All of our electricians strictly adhere to the latest 17th Edition wiring regulations in order to ensure your complete safety. We place the highest importance on your safety once the job is completed as well our own while carrying out the work.
Minimising Mess & Disruption

We can carry out all rewiring in sections where possible so as to minimise overall disruption to your home or business.

During the messier parts of the process we now use modern tools that can be attached to our vacuums to deal with the dust as it is being created, making for a cleaner job.
Electrical rewiring by Edmonton electricians.
All Inclusive Rewiring from as little as £2000,
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Quick Enquiry
Do I need to have my house rewired?

Without a thorough professional electrical inspection there is no definitive answer to this question, here at SO Electrics our NICEIC approved electricians offer an electrical inspection.

However, we do have a few things for you to consider if you are trying to work out whether you should have your property rewired;

Have your lights stopped working properly or stopped working altogether?

Do you constantly have to change fuses?

Has your home ever been flooded?

Has the rubber encasing your electrical wires deteriorated since it was installed?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then we recommend you get in touch with us to arrange your free electrical inspection.
How old is the existing wiring in my house?

It is difficult to assess the condition of your electrical wiring as it is hidden within your walls, however, there are a few ways you can work out the age of your existing wiring;

Cables in black rubber were phased during the 1960s.

Cables in lead or fabric were installed before the 1960s.

Any fusebox with a wooden backing, iron switches, or a mixture of fuse boxes was installed before the 1950s.

Round pin electrical sockets, round light switches, braided flex hanging down from a ceiling rose, brown or black switches and sockets on skirting boards all date back to before the 1950s.

Wall-mounted light switches inside bathrooms are from before the 1950s.

Aluminium wire was used rather than copper, which is likely to catch fire more easily

There was no earth cable in houses before the early 80s and this means you’re more likely to have electrical shocks. The whole point of an earth wire is to get rid of access to electricity so you can avoid getting electrocuted – without this your house is an accident waiting to happen.

If you believe your property has not been rewired for 25 years or more then we stronly recommend you have a rewiring carried out.
You can arrange a free electrical inspection from SOElectrics to have your property assessed.
What do I need to do before the rewiring process gets underway?

Before the rewiring process can get underway there is some preparation has to be undertaken by you before our team can get started.

First of all you will need to decide what fixtures you would like to be moved, changed or removed. Coming to a concrete decision on this is important as changing your mind once the process is underway can lead to additional costs.
Take the time to sit down, consider your requirements and the options available to you before reaching a conclusion, we’re happy to talk this through with you.

Packing up your belongings to keep them safe during the rewiring process is also important. Whilst we do work hard to minimise dust and mess and clean up after ourselves, there will be a significant amount of dust created during the rewiring process.
What is the rewiring process SO Electrics follow?

After your initial enquiry we will ask some follow up questions which will will allow us to give an indication of costings.

The next stage is for one of our NICEIC approved electricians to visit your property and carry out a free thorough electrical inspection and identify whether your property requires rewiring or a less expensive fuseboard replacement is required, at this stage we would also provide you with a free quote and a clear and comprehensive explanation of what work is required and why.

When you decide to go ahead with the work we will brief you on what you will need to do in preparation for getting started and arrange a convenient time to commence work, tailoring our approach to meet your specific requirements.

We seek to gain an understanding of what works best for you from the outset with an in-depth initial meeting to organise the work schedule and regularly liase with you and maintain clear, open communication.

When work begins we maintain highest standards in workmanship and customer service, putting your needs first and aiming to minimise disruption for you and your family. From the outset and throughout we employ clear and consistent communication with you to ensure you are kept aware of all developments.

The rewiring process goes as follows:

Initial isolation of all the old electrics from the electricity supply.

Remove all old fixtures, fittings and electrical cabling.

Install a temporary power supply for all power tools and charging batteries for the engineers on site

Making cable routes and raggling concrete walls where required. Using the latest equipment (a combined raggling machine and dust extractor) we drastically reduce the dust levels during this process.

First fix – we start wiring the installation, first fix includes clipping cables in the cable routes that have been created.

If required we will take care of plastering the cable routes made within the concrete walls for a smooth finish.

Dead testing is carried out to ensure the cabling we have installed is safe and has not been damaged during the installation process

Second fix, including the consumer unit , sockets, light switches at existing or new locations.

Once every loose end is terminated and made safe we then energise the installation

The final procedure of live testing is carried out and at this stage we commission and issue certification and 6 year guarantee.

Upon completion we ensure that you are totally happy with the work we have carried out and the manner in which it was completed. We love customer reviews and will invite you to leave your own, you can look at what our customers have had to say already.

As well as your invoice you will receive your certificate to prove you have had your rewire carried out for future reference. You will receive your receipt and your 6 year guarantee that is backed by the NICEIC Platinum Promise.
Do I need a rewire if my home has been flooded?

If your home suffers major flood damage then it is likely the electrics have been damaged and at least parts of the electrical installation will require a rewire.

If you have been unfortunate enough to suffer from flooding then get in touch with us today to arrange a free electrical inspection.
How much does it cost to have a home rewire carried out?

Our electrical rewiring packages start from £2000 ( for a typical 1 bedroom semi detached).

It is best that you contact us direct for your own personalised quote as every customer has different requirements
Why should I get my home rewired?

First and foremost – to make your home safer for you and your family.

Ensure your electrical installation is reliable and functions without constant maintenance.

Update your electrical outlets – if your home is old there may be a shortage of outlets or they may be awkwardly positioned.

Install energy efficient lighting and smart controls during the process to save yourself money in the long run.

Why should I come to SO Electrics for my home rewiring?

We are well-established, reputable electricians in Edmonton with an extensive team that has a wealth of experience, both collectively and individually.

Every rewire SO Electrics undertakes comes with a 5 year NICEIC guarantee.(for properties without damp issues)

Peace of mind – we ensure all of our customers are completely satisfied with their installation, the standard of workmanship and the service the received from initial meeting through to completion.

Can I have a partial rewire carried out?

It is possible to partially rewire a property, however, it is important to clearly define and document the extent of the rewiring. In many cases it is not worth doing the job in part but   it doesn’t hurt to ask and find out if it is a viable option.

We hope you found this FAQ useful, if you have any more questions or are interested in organising a free electrical inspection from SO Electrics then get in touch with our friendly team today.
Electrical Rewiring Regulations

We know that electrical faults can be a serious hazard in your home and workplace and can lead to needless accidents, this is why regulations have been put in place by governing bodies. Having an electrical rewiring carried out can be a big job and you should be confident that your chosen electricians have the qualifications, experience and commitment to maintaining the highest safety and quality standards, as we do at SO Electrics.

Although existing wiring that has already been installed is not covered by these regulations it is important to remember that if you make any alterations or additions to the wiring at your property the regulations will become relevant. Electrical wiring does need regular maintenance and may occasionally require a replacement, however this can be done sectionally to minimise disruption.
Electrical Rewiring Safety

A complete rewire is usually relatively rare, required around every 25 years or so, however if you have had a rewire carried out within that time frame it is still something that should be seriously considered. A rewiring of your property can lead to the correction of dangerous faults that have the potential to lead to structural damage or fire, particularly in older properties. An electrical rewire modernises your property to match up to today’s standards, increasing safety and potentially improving how your electrical outlets are placed for you.

For the highest standards in ontact us today to discuss your electrical rewiring.